Live Webcasting

Powerpoint slides with audio?  No.  That is not our kind of webcast.  Our kind of webcast includes a comprehensive video production capability that allows your remote audience to be fully immersed in your event.  Yes – we do slides too.   Our kind of webcast can be client sponsored (you pay for your remote viewers) or it can be Pay Per View (PPV) where you can get a return on your investment.  

Many of our corporate clients are turning to us to handle their Town Hall meetings. We help connect management in real time with their employees all around the world whether they are in another city/state or another country.

  • HD or SD Streaming
  • Live and/or On-demand
  • View on mobile devices (iPad/iPhone/Android)
  • PPV or Sponsored
  • Ustream / Livestream or Custom CDN
  • Flash/Windows & Mobile streaming options.
  • Multi-Camera
  • Presenter Slides
  • Video Playout
  • Skype for remote locations
  • Multiple Presenters / Speakers
  • Panel Format
  • Custom Web Player Page
  • User Registration
  • Event live concierge for viewers
  • Site Survey
  • Event technical planning
  • Remote Audience Live Q&A
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