Case Studies

Planetfest 2012 – The Planetary Society

On August 5th 2012 the world was watching as NASA/JPL landed the Curiosity Rover on Mars. The entire weekend The Planetary Society hosted a conference open to the public to celebrate the event.

ImageBEAM provided the HD video production gear for the entire event that was streamed to over 24,000 live viewers and displayed locally to the more than 2000 attendees. Three cameras were used, IMAG to the local projectors, bluray player for pre-recorded video insertion, hookups for laptops, skype video, HD NASA channel through a special-purpose satellite downlink.

Here is a short highlight video from the event.

The business end of the production. In the back corner of the conference room this is where we control the show.

Video switching/ recording and streaming gear


This diagram will give you some idea of how we connected everything together.

This shows the extent of the gear we used